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Our Journey of Infinite Possibilities started in the year 2014. With cumulative experience and accumulated knowledge of more than 25 years in various spectrum of corporate and industrial world including Aviation, Power, Wood working, Advertising, Industrial/Retail Storage Solutions, Automotive, Construction etc., we opened the Doors of Infinity Ventures dedicated to serve the UPVC world.

We wanted to invest our knowledge and experience in a growing and upcoming field and while searching for the right spectrum we found the then budding UPVC Doors and Windows fabrication industry that needs lot of speciality type Screws and Fasteners for making the Doors and Windows. Thus Infinity Ventures gave birth to FIXER, Yes - FIXER is our first child. As name sounds our FIXER Range of Speciality Screws are used to fix (assemble) the UPVC doors and windows.

Our Company

At Infinity Ventures We passionately support our customers. Satisfying our customers is not enough. We want to inspire them. First and foremost, a customer-oriented sales approach, the service idea it represents and top-notch quality are characteristic of the products and services of Infinity Ventures. As a consequence, we continuously try to find new solutions to support our customers’ business even better and we try to achieve it by a strong brand policy, future-oriented product strategy, closeness to the customer etc.

What we Do?

We fully understand the importance of our product being used in Doors and Windows which is going to safe guard millions of houses and we don’t want to compromise on anything. We have stringent quality control measures with our contract manufacturers worldwide. Each and every product of FIXER is carefully crafted to last long. We take utmost care in providing highest degree of satisfaction to our customers. One of our most important principles is to achieve perfection in everything we do.

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